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09 05 2019 01

Polestar has established a new R&D centre for future electric vehicles in Coventry, England. At the new British location, the Volvo electric brand will initially employ around 60 engineers to support the development of vehicles beyond the Polestar 3.

The team was already involved in the pre-development work for Polestar and will now be fully involved in future car projects, according to an accompanying press release.

“Polestar’s role as a technology spearhead requires new and developing skills in low-volume, light-weight, multi-material performance car engineering, and the new UK operation will allow us to take the next steps towards our future cars,” explained Hans Pehrson, who has been responsible for research and development at Polestar since early 2018. The team of 60 engineers will soon be expanded to complement the existing R&D teams, including those based in Sweden.

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