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Oregon-based provider of predictive real-time traffic signal information Connected Signals has developed a proprietary cloud-based vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology that offers priority to transit and emergency vehicles.

Connected Signals has launched its Signal Priority System (SPS) product suite that offers a centralized, cloud-based system connecting vehicles to traffic signals, and providing prioritization of buses, emergency medical services (EMS) vehicles, law enforcement, pedestrians, and others.

The company’s new approach capitalizes on existing traffic management infrastructure and cellular data, rather than requiring dedicated roadside equipment. This makes deployment much easier and more cost-efficient for cities, provides flexibility to the existing traffic network, and supports expansion to future applications such as HOV (high-occupancy vehicles) preference and connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) programs. SPS also provides dramatic time savings for cities and can be deployed city-wide or fleet-wide in a matter of weeks, as opposed to years with conventional methods.

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