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24 04 2019 04

Tesla presented its latest take at autonomous driving at its “Autonomy Day” and will install the Autopilot technology in all new vehicles with immediate effect. Utilising it, Tesla plans to launch its peer-to-peer “Robotaxi” service as early as next year, provided the authorities allow it.

The new autopilot computer developed internally by Tesla has already found its way into Californian vehicle production: Since last month it has been installed in Model S and Model X, and since this month also in Model 3. Anyone who has previously purchased a Tesla with the option “Full potential for autonomous driving” will get their car upgraded free of charge.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the presentation that the new technology is the “objectively best chip in the world” as it is said to be more powerful and at the same time 20 per cent cheaper than its predecessor. The new instrument will be manufactured in the U.S. by Samsung. Meanwhile, Tesla’s developers are already working on a further improved version, due in two years.

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