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11 02 2019 03

Nikola Motor announced battery electric variants for their hydrogen trucks Nikola Two and Nikola Tre, which will be offered in addition to the fuel cell versions. There will be three battery capacities to choose from: 500 kWh, 750 kWh and 1,000 kWh.

The company announced the news via Twitter. The first of several announcements on the social network announced that both the fuel cell and battery electric versions of the two models will be unveiled at the Nikola World 2019 in Phoenix in April. While the fuel cell versions will be designed for long-haul use, Nikola Motor will be targeting short-haul use with the BEV versions. “BEV is for inner cities and non weight sensitive applications,” and “Fuel Cell can’t be beat long haul and BEV is good option for short haul,” the manufacturer explained in a second tweet. Background: The BEV version is almost 2.27 tons heavier than its H2 counterpart.

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