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03 12 2018 02

Microsoft has been looking to establish itself as a leader in the commercial augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) markets since it first began shipping its HoloLens system back in 2016. That journey advanced another step a few weeks ago when CEO Satya Nadella told the Nikkei Asian Review that Toyota has begun implementing his company’s technology on its production lines.

A Diverse Array of Possibilities for Toyota

Incorporating mixed reality for carmakers has a range of potential benefits. Kayano Koichi, Toyota's project manager of 3D data utilization, said HoloLens, in conjunction with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 suite of AR apps, could completely upend the way his team operates. It has already begun to fill an integral niche in doing things such as coating finish inspection. That particular process has been shaved down to an eighth of the labor hours previously required.

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