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25 09 2018 02

Volkswagen is waking up to e-mobility and so the firm that used to build “Das Auto” now wants to build “The EV” too it seems, and sell a lot. German Handelsblatt say they have the new ID. pricing and it is most competitive.

So competitive that Volkswagen may offer the cheapest electric car on the market once the VW ID. is to hit the shelves in early 2020. Handelsblatt publication Edison quotes a price of below 25,000 euros, an information obtained through VW’s man for e-mobility, Thomas Ulbrich.

Ulbrich points to economies of scale which would make production of the VW ID. less costly than the e-Golf for example and help VW reaching volume. Savings of up to 35 percent are possible, he said, thanks to Volkswagen’s new EV architecture MEB.

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