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06 09 2018 02

Navigation and traffic information services provider TomTom has announced that its real-time and historical traffic data, speed profiles, and map elements will be integrated into rideOS’s innovative routing platform for self-driving vehicles to improve predictive analytics.

California-based rideOS designs and builds next-generation marketplace and mapping services that can be used by ride-hailing companies, OEMs, logistics providers and governments, to operate mobility on-demand (MOD) transportation services for both self-driving and human-operated fleets. The company has developed a platform that synthesizes, manages and distributes critical safety data and routes for any and every type of transport. The operating system (OS) will be a key service in the future when multiple modes of transportation, from human-operated to fully autonomous, will be sharing the roads.

Through the new agreement, the rideOS services will also become compatible with TomTom’s high-definition maps, and the two companies will explore additional opportunities together. The live and historic traffic component of rideOS’s data platform is provided by TomTom through OpenLR, an open-source project that provides royalty-free dynamic location referencing to enable reliable data exchange. TomTom sources its real-time traffic updates from 550 million data points around the world, through an anonymous and mutually beneficial process.

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