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09 08 2018 02

Led by Airspan Networks, the UK’s AutoAir project partners have started deploying an advanced 5G network at the Millbrook Proving Ground, preparing it for the future testing and validation of cellular-based connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technologies.

Part-funded by the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), the AutoAir project team will deliver pervasive 4G and 5G connectivity at the Millbrook Proving Ground over the coming months though a dense network of base stations around the research facility’s test tracks.

This will provide Gbps real-time connectivity, and enable accurate location and connectivity trials on-site for the first time. Millbrook provides a safe and secure environment for controlled to semi-controlled testing of ADAS and autonomous mobility experiments, and a natural, real-world, extension to its customers’ software engineering processes. A digital model of its proving ground is also being made available to vehicle manufacturers and CAV developers to take full advantage of its facilities.

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