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30 07 2018 01

In March 2017, the Belgian organization WaterstofNet received approval for the €3.52-million () project ‘H2-Share’ from Interreg North-West Europe (NWE). TNO, the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research TNO, has now joined in this partnership as an evaluation partner. The project aims to build and demonstrate a 27-ton rigid hydrogen fuel cell truck along with a mobile refueler.

H2-Share stands for Hydrogen Solutions for Heavy-duty transport Aimed at Reduction of Emissions in North West Europe. The objective of H2-Share is to facilitate the development of a market for low-carbon heavy-duty vehicles run on hydrogen for logistic applications.

It will develop practical experience in different regions in North-West Europe (NWE), creating a transnational living lab. This in intended to support the formation of a basis for the development of a zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle industry in the area. The project will demonstrate the readiness of hydrogen technology for heavy-duty applications in real life conditions.

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