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12 07 2018 02

Audi announced on Tuesday (July 10) that it inked a memorandum of understanding for a strategic cooperation with China’s Huawei.

In a press release, Audi said that with the agreement, the two have formed a broad-based partnership to work on connected cars. “We are intensifying our joint research with Huawei in the area of intelligent connected vehicles,” explained Saad Metz, executive vice president of Audi China. “Our aim is to improve safety and optimize traffic flows in order to create intelligent cities. The concepts will initially be concentrated on the Chinese market.”

According to Audi, intelligent connected vehicles allow for relevant information to be exchanged with the surrounding environment. To achieve this, cars need a high-quality, stable data connection, along with intensive research and development. Audi said the partnership is also intended to facilitate the ongoing advancement of automated driving and the digitalization of services in the vehicle environment.

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