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25 06 2018 04

Until now, the autonomous cars were only allowed in one part of the city.

More Boston drivers will soon be mixing it up with self-driving Renault Zoe test cars now that nuTonomy, an autonomous-driving tech company, has permission to test its vehicles throughout the city. For the past 18 months, nuTonomy had been testing only in Boston's Seaport District. This makes nuTonomy the only company allowed to operate self-driving cars anywhere in the city. nuTonomy also is working with Lyft to offer self-driven rides within the city.

The City of Boston said it granted wider permission to nuTonomy based on the tech company's solid safety record. "Working collaboratively with nuTonomy over the past two years, we have monitored [its] progress through the testing process and we are confident in the company's commitment to safety," Boston Transportation Commissioner Gina N. Fiandaca said in a statement.

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