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22 06 2018 01

PARIS -- Paris was once a pacesetter in shared transport, launching Velib, the first large-scale urban bike share, in 2007 and a car-sharing service called Autolib in 2011. Now, both ventures are causing big problems for the city.

Paris and other local governments on Thursday canceled their contract with Autolib's operator, Bollore, after the company predicted losses totaling 300 million euros ($348 million) over the next five years and asked for taxpayers to pick up much of the cost. Users also complained about dirty, poorly maintained cars.

Bollore, a French conglomerate that also manufactures Autolib's 4,000 electric minicars, said this week that it expected to pull the vehicles off the streets "within days" if it lost the contract. That could raise questions about the viability of car-share programs that Bollore supplies in several other cities, including Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Singapore. A spokesman for Bollore said its car-share programs in other cities were functioning well and continuing to grow.

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