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18 05 2018 4

In the third set of measures designed to implement the “Europe on the Move” goals of modernizing the transport system, the European Commission is proposing a 15% reduction in new heavy-duty truck CO2 emissions by 2025 from 2019 levels. For 2030, the Commission proposed an indicative reduction target of at least 30%. The Commission also put forward a comprehensive action plan for battery production.

As a second step in implementing the new CO2 regulations, as part of an early review in 2022, the scope of these standards would be extended to smaller trucks, buses, coaches and trailers. During this review, the Commission will also make a proposal to determine the target for 2030.

To allow for further CO2 reductions, the Commission said it was making it easier to design more aerodynamic trucks and is improving energy labeling for tires.

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