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18 05 2018 01

Officially, official, we have a new charging standard… SAE J3068 for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles charging in North America.

SAE International just released specs for the SAE J3068 (the access costs $78), which is similar to the European IEC 62196 (aka Type 2 or CCS Combo). That because in fact it’s the European charging derivative adopted by SAE for bigger EVs.

The reason behind SAE J3068 is that SAE J1772 or its combo version (SAE J1772 Combo) doesn’t support three-phase charging, and single-phase charging was limited to 19.2 kW. Many commercial and industrial locations in the U.S. and Canada are equipped with three-phase power and the SAE J3068 enables the use of three-phase 480 V (up to 133 kW at 160A), as well as 600 V AC (up to 166 kW at 160A).

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