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17 05 2018 01

Daimler wants to start the production of its first EQ model in China before the year’s end. The EQC electric car is to be made in a Beijing Benz Automotive (BBAC) facility in Beijing’s Shunyi district. On sale in China is set for 2019.

The EQC will be the first of a total of four planned electric cars which Beijing Benz, the company Daimler shares with BAIC, wants to produce in China.

The Shunyi plant is an old factory from BAIC that has been remodelled to accommodate for the production of electric cars and industry 4.0 standards. Furthermore, Beijing Benz recently announced they would invest 1.5 billion euros to not only refurbish said factory but also to build a new plant in Beijing (we reported). They also plan to establish a battery production facility in China.

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