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09 05 2018 02

Motor developments for electric vehicles (EVs) often are shaded by the emphasis placed on battery capability. But the enduring need to deliver improved packaging, power, torque and range from EVs brings significant opportunity for new approaches to motor design and production.

The United Kingdom company YASA (the initials stand for yokeless and segmented armature), which focuses on axial-flux technology and associated controllers, is moving from specialist, low-volume EV/hybrid applications to series production in a new manufacturing facility, with projected ramp-up reaching 100,000 units annually by 2021.

A spin-off from Oxford University, YASA has received a tick in the box from the UK government with the official opening of the new facility by Business Secretary Greg Clark, who said: “YASA is a brilliant example of what can be achieved when government, academia and industry come together to turn the best ideas from the best minds into scale-up companies.”

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