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24 04 2018 03

Volvo Trucks, that is due to launch its first all-electric semi next year, says it wants to market the battery technology across brands in order to reduce cost. They would not only share their tech with trucks though but also with buses and heavy industries.

The unit that is owned Sweden’s and Geely’s Volvo AG is increasing its electrification and is building on synergies across the board. Truck brands such as Volvo-owned UD Trucks in Japan and Mack Trucks in the United States would be the first to benefit from shared battery technology but Volvo Trucks is thinking further.

Reuters quotes Lars Stenqvist, CTO at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, saying: “We’re really striving to reuse a lot when it comes to expensive components, which are expensive when it comes to development and production costs … not only between the truck brands but also the bus brands and construction equipment.”

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