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22 02 2018 02

Global location and navigation company Here Technologies has formed agreements with two of Germany’s leading auto makers to integrate its pioneering HD Live Map for self-driving cars, into all their future models capable of highly automated driving.

According to the first of the agreements, HD Live Map is planned to feature in BMW models from the beginning of the next decade, enhancing safety and comfort for drivers and passengers. This was the first commercial contract Here has signed with an auto maker to bring HD Live Map into production models, and follows several years of research and development with BMW Group.

In the second agreement, Here has teamed up to make its HD Live Map an integral part of Daimler’s autonomous driving technology, laying the ground work for upcoming generations of highly-automated and autonomous Mercedes-Benz vehicles to come to market with the benefits of the system on board. For Daimler, this is a logical step as the current E- and S-class models are already using Here’s maps.

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