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13 02 2018 01

Leading EV battery maker Samsung has announced plans to revise its cobalt strategy. Not only will the Koreans reduce the amount of the rare resource by using nickel instead but Samsung is also working on cells that do not require any cobalt. Recycling is another measure.

The race for cobalt is on since mayor carmakers are forced to electrify their fleets. Samsung is at the top end of the supply chain and feels surges in price with immediate effect. In order to free itself from constraints outside its direct control, the Koreans have revised their strategy.

Samsung issued a statement to announce their decision for a cobalt-less strategy, an R&D effort that includes to replace cobalt with nickel in order to halve the use of cobalt in batteries from around 20 percent. The company says it has developed the technology to reduce cobalt in batteries further down to 5 percent, again by expanding the use of nickel by more than 90 percent. In addition, the researchers are aiming to get rid of cobalt entirely in the future.

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