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01 08 2017 04

Here Technologies has launched the new ‘supercharged’ generation of its Real-Time Traffic service, which becomes the first traffic information system to use aggregated vehicle sensor data from competing car brands.

The new version of Here’s system is the first global service on the market that integrates live vehicle sensor data from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles with traffic probe information, resulting in significantly higher accuracy and more precise information about real-world traffic conditions. Real-Time Traffic is now available to all current and future customers from any industry, and covering more than 60 countries, it offers significant improvements in traffic flow data, especially on arterial roads. For more than 30 of those countries, the service also provides incident information with features such as Traffic Safety Warning. Aided by the new hard-braking sensor data that Here is now processing, this feature now allows more relevant and timely notifications to the vehicle.

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