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18 07 2017 01

Bus operators from Germany and South Tyrol, Italy are partnering to procure 63 fuel cell buses for their public transport systems as part of the EU-funded JIVE project.

The total cost of this project is thought to be €106 million ($122 million), with €32 million coming from the EU.

The project is also testing new hydrogen refuelling stations capable of serving fleets of more than 20 buses. This will both reduce the cost of hydrogen, as well as test the system’s capacity to offer reliability at the required commercialisation level – greater than 99%.

JIVE (Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe) is an EU-funded project aiming to deploy 139 new zero emission fuel cell (FC) buses across nine cities, the first deployment of this scale in Europe. Despite the project being only a few months old, the placing of 63 new buses means that the project’s aim of more than doubling the number of zero emissions buses operating in Europe is well underway.

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