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14 07 2017 03

A Citroën C4 Picasso from Groupe PSA’s autonomous vehicles fleet has crossed through the toll station at Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines in the Paris area without a driver’s assistance using communication between the vehicle and the infrastructure. This test in real traffic conditions shows a significant step forward in the autonomous car development towards Level 4 autonomy—without drivers’ supervision.

The two organizations began their collaboration in 2016. VINCI Autoroutes is the biggest operator of motorway infrastructure in Europe. Earlier this month, Groupe Renault and Sanef also announced they are cooperating further to develop communications between autonomous vehicles and road infrastructure, with testing on toll barrier crossings and work zone approaches. (Earlier post.)

Driving through a toll station is a complex issue for an autonomous car. It requires managing the cross flow of vehicles moving randomly through the lanes of the toll station. It also requires guiding the autonomous car in this area where there are no road markings and guiding also the autonomous car along a trajectory which automatically enters the equipped lane which is only three metres wide. Finally, the autonomous car must be in a position to anticipate any unforeseen events that may occur as it crosses through the toll gate.

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