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21 06 2017 03

Official confirmation from Tesla’s JB Straubel assures that the Gigafactory has started battery cell production for the upcoming Model 3.

The new 2170 cells are specifically for use in the Model 3. As we previously reported, Tesla began making 2170 cells at the beginning of the year, but those were for use in second-generation Powerwalls and Powerpacks.

Tesla co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, JB Straubel, delivered a keynote speech in Wisconsin over the weekend, at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s 28th Annual Energy Fair. During the speech he specified that the 2170 cell production was starting, and that it was exclusively for the Tesla Model 3.

Regardless of all the other details that still must fall into place to assure timely Model 3 production, including counting on a myriad of suppliers, the fact that battery production is underway is a significant step.

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