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What level of vehicle connectivity is the Dutch consumer ready to accept?

Global Automotive Consumer Study 2019

While interest in time-saving and improving safety features are high, significant concerns over privacy and data security remain in the Dutch market regarding connected vehicles. Original equipment manufacturers also face an uphill battle in getting people to pay for it, especially in the Netherlands.

What the Dutch consumer says about connected vehicles

  • Dutch consumers are wary to trust anyone with their data, with 30% indicating they would trust no one in managing data generated & shared by a connected car.
  • 60% of consumers are concerned about vehicle hacking and putting personal safety at risk, with only 38% of people thinking more connectivity means more benefits. Consumers in China are embracing the idea at twice the rate.
  • 76% of Dutch consumers is interested in features that are time-saving and improve safety. Once consumers are sold on a feature, they aren’t necessarily sold on the price since half of the Dutch consumers is not willing to pay for connected technologies.

Get the full Deloitte report for all the results via this link.

The importance of clarity & transparency in data management

Ownership of data does not exist. At least not in a legal sense. Data is intangible, and a single data point does not have value. However, when datasets are combined or analyzed, data can become very valuable. Organizations (private and public), collect and share data on ever larger scales. This data comes in many forms: data on performance, security, economic development, and data on people.

Cars are actually one of the biggest sources of data. But, if data doesn’t have a legal owner, then to whom does the data belong? Who can exert influence on this data? Who has the right to access this data? To answer these questions, Deloitte, together with industry organizations & the government, is constructing a framework on the legal, technical & economic applications of data. We analyze all applicable laws, regulations and standards, to measure the impact of the differing interests of all relevant parties with regards to vehicle connectivity.

With such a framework, all parties can make better agreements on who can do what with which data generated by a connected vehicle. Making clear agreements is an absolute must. Clarity & transparency will secure investments, ensure safety, and enable good conduct with regards to data management.

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