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One of the things all auto manufacturers are currently working on is alternative powertrains, along with refining the combustion engine. A number of OEMs have launched electric cars onto the market in plug-in or other hybrid forms. While hydrogen technology remains mostly in the R&D phase, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai are already putting models on the market and some German OEMs are ready to go. These technologies are also making headway in the heavy duty market, with a handful of electric powertrain lorries and buses.

Other factors that play an important role in the proliferation of alternative technologies, in addition to technical know-how, are legislation, subsidies and the choice of OEMs and suppliers. It is far from easy to predict which technologies might become serious contenders or what developments in the area of fuel cells, batteries or clean diesel might break through. AutomotiveNL aims to support various developments working in conjunction with knowledge institutions and government agencies, with the overall goal being to reduce CO2 and other harmful emissions. Applications with LNG, CNG and biofuels have a role to play in this. The report on the vision for sustainable fuel mixes is a valuable resource in this regard. Click here to see the report.


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