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AutomotiveNL is the cluster organization for the Dutch automotive industry, mobility sector, automotive education sector and has over 170 members. It is financially independent and continues to expand its activities and facilities in this domain. AutomotiveNL was established in 2011 as a Dutch private limited company (BV) when three associations - the Automotive Technology Center, High Tech Automotive Systems and Materials and High Tech Automotive Campus - merged their objectives, operations and resources.

From its base of operations on the Automotive Campus in Helmond, AutomotiveNL performs activities essential to its members with a dedicated, highly experienced team of experts. It is a lean organization with a small permanent staff who manage to workload by bringing in outside contractors on a project-by-poject basis and partnering with other organizations. The company is structured into teams that are each in charge of a primary area of activity. These teams meet regularly to discuss developments and possible bottlenecks and coordinate their efforts. 

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