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29 08 2019 01

Volvo’s electric car subsidiary Polestar opened its first production facility today. At the new facility in Chengdu, China, the 441 kW Polestar 1 PHEV coupe is manufactured for China and export markets.

Polestar is planning to produce 500 units per year over a production cycle of three years to start with. The first customer deliveries are to be made before the end of this year. The Polestar 1 is based on Volvo technology and also incorporates some design elements from the S90 saloon, for example. The two-litre petrol engine also comes from Volvo, but Polestar’s hybrid components go beyond the existing modular range.

While Volvo’s PHEV models have a maximum system output of 300 kW (160 kW from the four-cylinder), Polestar 1 offers 441 kW. At 150 kilometres, the Grand Tourer’s electric range is expected to be significantly higher than that of most other PHEVs.

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