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12 08 2019 04

Battery expert Jeff Dahn of Dalhousie University has been Tesla’s research partner since 2016 and is now reporting on a new approach to higher energy density cells. These are lithium metal cells in pouch format with liquid electrolyte.

The approach: The team around Dahn has combined a new lithium metal anode with a liquid electrolyte. This promises a higher energy density than with conventional lithium-ion batteries.

The special feature is that lithium metal anodes have so far mainly been used for battery cells with solid electrolyte – in lithium-ion cells, the anode is usually made of graphite. According to the work published in the journal “Nature Energy”, “anode-free lithium metal cells in pouch format with LiDFOB/LiBF4 liquid electrolyte with two salts” are involved. Thus, the higher energy density of lithium metal chemistry could be used with a liquid electrolyte.

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