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22 07 2019 03

Audi is offering a predictive active suspension for the new Audi A8 luxury sedan (earlier post). Electromechanical actuators adjust the suspension. They can lift up or force down each of the luxury sedan’s wheels individually, to manage the body’s ride height in every situation actively.

The active suspension can lift or lower the body by up to 85 millimeters (3.3 in) from its central position at all four corners within 0.5 seconds.

Compact electric motors located close to each of the Audi A8’s wheels run off the car’s 48-volt primary electrical system and are governed by power electronics. A belt drive and a compact harmonic drive step up the electric motor’s torque almost 200-fold to 1,100 N·m (811.3 lb-ft) and apply it to a steel rotary tube.

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