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19 07 2019 03

ZF presents a drive for fully electric passenger cars this time. It combines a newly developed electric motor with 140 kW maximum output, a shift element and power electronics. The transmission is to increase efficiency and thus the range of electric cars.

The automotive supplier ZF wants to transfer its transmission know-how to electromobility. “For electric vehicles in everyday use, it is important to obtain as much range as possible from each battery charge,” says Bert Hellwig, head of the E-Mobility system house at ZF. “Every per cent of improvement in energy conversion efficiency translates into two per cent more range.” Compared to the otherwise usually rigid transmissions – a single-speed transmission, so to speak – the German company speaks of an increase in range of up to five per cent.

According to ZF, two scenarios are conceivable – either in the direction of efficiency or performance. In standard mode, gear changes take place at 70 km/h. Since the transmission is connected to the vehicle’s CAN communication, the shift strategy can also be optimised for consumption – for example, on inclines and declines. If the next charging station is too far away, however, the transmission can switch to an “Eco” mode with foresight, claims ZF.

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