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17 07 2019 01

Did you hear all about UITP’s journey plans with ‘The Story of the Bus’? We’ve reached the second stop on our journey together with research project ASSURED, which has just released a new report that is a major milestone in the standardisation of electric bus charging.

The electrification of public transport has long been dubbed as a core solution to make our cities healthier, greener and more sustainable. UITP strongly supports this development, something shown by our participation in key research and innovation projects such as ZeEUS, ELIPTIC, and ASSURED. The ASSURED project, in which UITP is a key partner, aims to develop and test high-power charging solutions for urban commercial vehicles.

An essential factor to ensure the success and upscaling of fleets of electric vehicles, is the interoperability of the vehicle and the charging unit. When cities and operators can use the same charging infrastructure for different brands of buses, tendering and implementation of the infrastructure is simplified and market uptake easier. To achieve interoperability, standardisation and conformance testing (evaluating the system against industrial standards) are essential.

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