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12 07 2019 01

The CCS initiative CharIN and its members in the High Power Commercial Vehicle Charging Task Force (HPCVC) are now also working on high power charging for electric commercial vehicles with a charging capacity of one to three megawatts and, with the help of Tesla.

According to a progress report by the Task Force, there were five submissions from CharIN members, of which only one came from a single vehicle manufacturer – Tesla. The Californian electric car company joined the CCS initiative CharIN 2016 and at the end of 2017, when presenting its electric truck, had also announced so-called Megachargers, which are to charge the battery of the Tesla Semi within 30 minutes to a range of 400 miles (640 kilometres).

The other proposals submitted come from ABB, paXos, Stäubli and the Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America. ABB manufactures fast charging columns, paXos is a consulting and project management service provider from Cologne, Stäubli specializes in plug connections and Electrify America was founded by VW as a result of the diesel scandal to set up a fast-charging network in the USA.

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