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10 07 2019 03

Noot Personenvervoer now operates the first hydrogen-powered taxi fleet in the Netherlands in The Hague. Fuel cell taxis will also be on the road in Wiesbaden, Germany in the future – but significantly less than in The Hague.

In the Netherlands, there are 35 Toyota Mirai vehicles that are used as “WMO transport” – a taxi service for people who are unable to use public transport due to disabilities provided for in a social law. For this reason, the service was renamed from “Taxibus” to “AV 070” – AV stands for Aanvullend Vervoer, which means “additional transport”, and 070 stands for the telephone code of The Hague.

Noot Personenvervoer is one of the largest passenger carriers in the Netherlands with 1,200 taxis, small buses and coaches. The city of The Hague has made it a prerequisite for the fleet to be operated CO2-neutral in the course of the tender for the service. So far, the former taxi bus fleet has carried around 15,000 passengers per year, according to its own figures.

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