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08 07 2019 02

TU Eindhoven is rapidly setting up an institute that is needed to create awareness of its education and research in the field of artificial intelligence among future students, the best researchers, the business sector and (European) financiers. This EAISI, led by Carlo van de Weijer (director of TU/e’s Strategic Area Smart Mobility), will be launched on September 2, 2019. His first tasks will be to attract fifty new full and associate professors and to find suitable accommodation.

As of next academic year, TU/e will have its own AI institute, so that everyone with an interest in artificial intelligence knows that they have to go to Eindhoven for education and research in this field. The institute will be known as the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute. Its acronym EAISI sounds easy, according to dean Frank Baaijens.

“AI is relevant to every research field at TU/e, and it is crucial to all future high-tech systems.” Baaijens says that on further consideration, there seemed to be a serious overlap between three of the envisaged CRT’s (Cross Research Themes, described in the Strategy 2030, ed.), and that is why the university decided to quickly set up an AI institute. These three CRT’s will be part of this institute: Complex High Tech Systems, Data-driven Intelligent Systems, and Human-centered Systems and Environments.

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