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05 07 2019 01

Swedish startup Uniti that is backed by the likes of Siemens, Kuka or BorgWarner has opened the online orders for the Founders’ Edition in a limited series. If you order and pay this year, you will get the small electric car before the regular roll-out begins.

The very urban EV has been designed from the ground up in Sweden. While prototypes are driving around, the small BEV is considered a deal maker. The reason – a price of about 20,000 euros. And, Uniti is also thinking to offer even cheaper versions from 14,900 euros.

Moreover, their Uniti One has been put together through a crowdfunding effort and collected one million euros. No price has been named for the Founders’ Edition, but you are expected to pay in full. The other option is to express interest for a deposit of 149 euros online.

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