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03 07 2019 04

So far, 48-volt hybrids have mostly been designed as mild hybrids. Continental has now introduced a 48-volt drive that is designed to provide the same functionality as previous full hybrid drives. This means it is also conceivable in a PHEV.

The key component of Continental’s 48-volt high-power drive is a new, highly efficient, water-cooled electric motor. Its peak output has been doubled to 30 kW in comparison to the previous model, with the same installation space. According to the supplier, this makes it possible to drive purely electrically up to a speed range of 80 to 90 km/h.

The new 48-volt high-power system consists of an electric motor with integrated power electronics and a battery. This is designed to reduce fuel consumption by around 20 per cent compared with comparable vehicles with combustion engines. According to Continental, the new drive can be combined with both gasoline and diesel engines.

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