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03 06 2019 01

Telefónica begins marketing Movistar Car, the service that connects the car to make it safer and smarter and that is available to all mobile phone users, regardless of whether or not they are Movistar customers. It works easily, is an easy-to-install device and an app to manage the service from the mobile phone.

Movistar Car has a registration price of €20 and a monthly fee of €3 (VAT included). Once the service has been contracted, the customer will receive at the address they wish a device that includes a SIM card and which the user must install in their vehicle following the instructions on the App that has previously been downloaded to the mobile, from where the customer will manage the service.

Movistar Car, which will be available to all mobile phone users is compatible with petrol cars manufactured from 2004 and diesel cars manufactured from 2005.

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