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23 05 2019 02

Tritium has signed a contract with Ionity for the supply of its HPC chargers for a further 120 charging parks. Last year, the joint venture already commissioned the Australian company to equip 100 sites. In addition, Tritium has received another order from Nissan.

First to the Australian-German deal: At the EVS32 in Lyon, Tritium revealed that Ionity has ordered a whole armada of charging stations of the type Veefil-PK 350 kW to equip 120 further locations in 23 European countries. Each charging station will accommodate an average of four to six of the 350 kW chargers. As far as the timetable is concerned, the installation of the new infrastructure should be completed over the course of next year. In addition to the construction of the charging posts, the agreement also includes round-the-clock Tritium support.

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