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In March, purely electric BEVs achieved a market share of 58.4% among new registrations in Norway, which represents a new record. Specifically, 10,728 battery electric cars were registered, twice as many as in the same month last year.

Approximately half of the Norwegian BEV registrations in March were due to the Tesla Model 3 (5,314). This means that roughly every third new car sold in Norway was a Tesla. The Tesla brand clocked up 5,822 new registrations, making it the most popular brand in Norway and ousting the Nissan Leaf, which held the previous EV record of 2,172 in March 2018.

Norway’s drivers were buying more BEVs, but less PHEVs. 3,469 new hybrid cars were registered in Norway last month, which is actually 10% cent less than in the same month last year. Of these, 2,036 were plug-in hybrids (+23.8%).The Secretary-General Christina Bu of the Norwegian EV Association said that “Norway has every reason to be proud of breaking more BEV records. The BEV policy is working so well that the larger part of consumers opt for a BEV when buying a new car.”

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