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01 04 2019 02

The Polish company ElectroMobility Poland (EMP), a joint venture of the four state-owned energy companies Tauron, Enea, Energa and PGE, has announced the development of three versions of a compact electric car for the Polish market. The first versions will be released in 2022 or 2023.

The state news agency PAP quotes Piotr Zaremba, head of ElectroMobility Poland, as saying that the company has decided to create an e-platform on which three versions of a C-segment compact electric car will be built.

The aim is to achieve economies of scale through large-scale production and thus ensure profitability. In concrete terms, this means that 100,000 and later up to 200,000 electric cars a year, should roll off the assembly line. At several locations, the company is planning corresponding branches that should be ready for operation in two to three years. ElectroMobility Poland estimates its total investment in the expansion of production capacities at 2 billion zloty (around 460 million euros).

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