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29 03 2019 04

The BMW Group has launched its High Performance D3 IT platform—a key milestone on the BMW Group’s roadmap to highly and fully automated driving. The “D3” in the new IT platform’s name stands for Data-Driven Development, which forms the basis for the development and validation of highly and fully automated driving functions.

Data-Driven Development is an indispensable tool in securing the safety and reliability of the Level 3 system to be offered in the BMW iNEXT in late 2021.

The BMW Group has been applying the Data-Driven Development approach for a couple of years. The basic principle is rooted in the assumption that the only way of mapping—and thereby ultimately handling—the complexity and variety of traffic situations encountered on every continent is to gather vast quantities of data. This means the algorithms and overall operation of autonomous driving have to be validated using a broad data pool.

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