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08 03 2018 01

Tesla has introduced the 3rd generation of its Supercharger. New power cabinets with 1 MW power and liquid-cooled cables enable peak rates of up to 250 kW for each charging electric vehicle at the new Supercharger locations, so no more splitting power.

Tesla refers to it as V3 Supercharging and the new set up indeed allows for each vehicle to get the full charge rate, meaning each Tesla will be able to rejoice on the 3rd generation Superchargers at the maximum speed that its battery allows, promises Tesla.

The use of the new Superchargers will initially only be possible for electric cars with the newer 2170 cells that only the Model 3 utilises so far. Using the example of the Model 3 with a long-range battery, Tesla explains that at peak times charging for five minutes will add another 120 kilometres of range. The EV maker reckons that therefore the duration of a typical charge stop at a Supercharger will be reduced to 15 minutes with the new technology.

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