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A newly established Smart Mobility Embassy offers assistance to all interested international parties wishing to come into contact with Dutch ITS and Smart Mobility initiatives, projects, investments and private enterprises active in this field.

The Smart Mobility Embassy starts its services at the IAA Frankfurt on 14 September 2017, acting as an intermediary between the international demand for Dutch smart mobility expertise and Dutch parties that can deliver innovative solutions in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Melanie Schultz van Haegen, minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, warmly supports the Smart Mobility Embassy: ''The Netherlands' strengths: government and businesses are jointly taking responsibility to improve mobility and traffic in urban areas using smart new technologies. Innovation should not just be discussed: it requires action. The Netherlands wants to facilitate this process, by supporting private enterprise, offering effective conditions for testing and development while anticipating legislative changes necessary for the testing of groundbreaking innovations and further scaling up to International level. Strong international cooperation can further accelerate this process and deliver new solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow."

Having invested massivly in the last ten years in expertise and a broad range of products and services, the Dutch Smart Mobility industry has forged a strong position in data production and handling, connectivity, connected and automated driving, Mobility on Demand services and advanced traffic management. Having a complete overview of all activities, people and expertise, the Embassy will assist in sharing this expertise, connecting interested public authorities and private companies across borders.

One stop contact
The Smart Mobility Embassy is an easy and efficient central point of contact to get in touch with the best in Dutch smart mobility: knowledge, experience, experts, technology, products and services offered by private companies, NGO's, research institutes, national and local governments. It welcomes manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry, information service providers, internet industry and telecommunications companies to facilitate development and testing of smart mobility innovations on Dutch roads, such as automated driving, smart logistics and innovative, on demand services. And assist in bringing Dutch solutions to cities and countries around the globe. The Embassy will support private and public partners to create new partnerships, and welcomes all who are interested in test facilities, knowledge, advice and implementation of innovations. 

Smart cooperation by necessity
The Dutch need for smart transportation solutions is high, due to its rapidly growing cities and booming economy, while the country also connects Europe's largest seaport with the hinterland of Europe. This is why the Netherlands, by necessity, has one of the best digital infrastructures in the world. Topping the rankings in terms of connectivity, its infrastructure offers Intelligent Transport Solutions using high-speed broadband and has 98 percent household coverage and national 4G LTE coverage.
The idea of cross-sector partnership has been incorporated in the Dutch economic and political model for decades. Its multi-disciplinary and coordinated approach provides a strong basis for profitable trading strategies and effective alliances. All these advantages already attract leading industries to establish their business in the Netherlands and use Dutch infrastructure and capabilities for testing and implementing smart mobility innovations.

Some examples
- Daimler chose the Netherlands for their Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot to make its first public journey on part of Europe's longest BRT route (BRT = Bus Rapid Transit): The route between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the city of Haarlem is a perfect test track because of its numerous bends, tunnels and intersections with traffic lights.

- Talking Traffic: the co-investment program by 50 public authorities (national, regional, local) and 25 private companies deploying multiple cellular (LTE) based C-ITS use cases as well as the national Traffic Light Exchange, connecting road users digitally to Traffic Light Installations (via SPaT & MAP).

- Amsterdam is a leading tech hub in Europe, offering support for IT-startups in their second phase of development. The Dutch business climate is widely regarded as friendly toward the development of autonomous vehicles and smart technologies more generally. The city is currently a global leader in this field, according to a recent international study (

- The Eindhoven Brainport region offers a conglomerate of high tech industry, research institutes and Technical University in combination with real life test facilitites on urban roads and highways.

- The Smart Mobility TULIP (Testing Urban Life Investment Program) is a cooperation between over 30 public and private parties, investing in 8 different pre deployment projects combining different Cooperative ITS Use cases.

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