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The Netherlands is a leader in Smart Mobility, with its highly developed dense traffic network, excellent traffic management, widespread smartphone use, 4G penetration and plethora of government-initiated programmes and initiatives. That makes the country an ideal place for developing, testing and implementing Smart Mobility applications based on both existing and new international standards.

The Netherlands has invested in renowned knowledge clusters in the automotive and technology field and extremely high-grade facilities, creating a favourable testing, development and implementation climate. One that hold its own in the context of major international developments. These trends include the growing connectivity impacting the mobility world along with everything else and automation and robotics, with automated driving in the near future.

None of this happens on its own: it takes collaboration. Smart Mobility is a domain in which parties must rely on forces beyond themselves to make a difference. It is an interplay between public and private parties, knowledge and expertise – all in conjunction with the users. The era in which the government controlled mobility is long behind us, with the large-scale introduction of navigation systems being one disruptive expression of that. Market parties cannot do it all alone, however. The government is indispensable in its role as infrastructure operator, legislator and instigator. The same holds true in the world of knowledge. New applications emerge from basic scientific research; these applications need to be tested, validated and certified to reach maturity. The end user’s involvement during this process is critical, because the entire effort is pointed toward large-scale implementation and user acceptance. Multi-helix collaboration is thus needed. One of the aims of AutomotiveNL is to further promote and accelerate the wide-scale introduction of Smart Mobility applications.


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