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Education is one of the priority focuses of AutomotiveNL. Topflight automotive education is vital not only for promoting industry growth, but also preparing students to address the technological challenges we will face in the coming decades.

The automotive industry has evolved into a complicated interplay of electronics, software and mechanical parts. Changing manufacturing processes and new mobility concepts will also inevitably change the needs of the market. Meanwhile, industrial processes are under extreme social scrutiny, meaning that one-off solutions will be much less competitive. Under these circumstances, specialized firms, knowledge institutes and government agencies must join together to an ever greater degree.

Collaboration, open innovation and knowledge sharing form the triple helix foundation for converting technological problems into opportunities for the industry. Education plays a vital coordinating role in this development since that is where the Engineer of 2025 will come from. What kinds of knowledge and competencies will the engineer of tomorrow need and what kinds of education structures do we need in place today to make that happen? AutomotiveNL continues to actively bolster and promote automotive education programmes toward that end.
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