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C ITS infrastructure

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) use technologies that allow road vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, with traffic signals and roadside infrastructure as well as with other road users. The systems are also known as vehicle-to-vehicle communications, or vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

With alerts generated from the increased information available, these systems have a strong potential to improve road safety and the efficiency of the road transport. Because of these expected benefits and considering the overall relatively moderated costs linked to deployment, there is a strong interest in enabling a fast move at European scale that will translate into market production and early deployment.

The European industry has traditionally held a competitive position on a global scale in the field of intelligent transport systems. Maintaining this privileged position also in the area of cooperative systems is crucial: new business cases arise and more actors at an international level are challenging Europe's competitive edge.

At the same time, though clearly moving from research to large scale pilot deployment, C-ITS has been facing a recurrent "chicken and egg" problem: where should investments start first, how to stimulate the emergence of business cases, how to foster interoperability and on which basis should cooperation amongst public and private stakeholders be pursued.

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